About the Clydesdale Horse

It took a century for the Scottish to breed the Clydesdale into a workhorse so perfect it changed the course of history. In 1911 one highly prized stallion sold for the equivalent today of one million pounds (2 million Canadian dollars) – a record that is still unbroken.

Clydesdale horses were so valuable thousands were exported from Scotland to countries around the world including Australia, Russia, the United States and Canada. These extraordinary horses drove the agricultural and industrial revolutions, fought in the First World War and influenced the design of horse-powered machinery and vehicles.

In the United States they became famous as the Budweiser horses. In Canada they helped open up the Prairies and in the United Kingdom they became a royal horse.

We proudly present our valuable breeding group consisting of three impressive mares (Muhlengut Voldagsen Ivy, Terrytime Bacardi´s Eve and Terrytime Excel´s  Cassandra) and our newest addition, an impressive stallion (Willow Way Lennox). These four now form the heart of our ambitious Clydesdale breeding program.
Our mares, already impressive for their grace and strength, bring with them an impressive pedigree. Their gentleness and smart natures make them valuable members of our equine family. Each of them carries unique traits that we specifically seek to preserve and develop in our breeding program.
The latest addition to our herd, our imposing stallion Willow Way Lennox, brings with him an impressive combination of strength, stamina and elegance. His noble nature and remarkable genes make him a promising foundation for the future of our stud.
Together, these four majestic animals form an ensemble that reflects our passion and dedication for breeding the stunning Clydesdales. We firmly believe that this group will set new standards of quality and excellence.
The coming years promise exciting developments and promising offspring, and we look forward to sharing our passion and commitment to these wonderful animals with other enthusiasts. Breeding Clydesdale is more than just a business, it is an affair of the heart.