Wild Blueberries, native to North America, grow naturally in the fields and rocky hills for thousands of years already. You can´t plant them. They are associated with numerous health benefits and an exceptional flavour.  A daily serving of about 40 g  is enough to ensure you make use of these benefits like Heart Health, Blood Sugar Regulation, Brain Health.

  • Nutritional Powerhouse: Wild blueberries are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, making them a valuable addition to a healthy diet.
  • Environmental Benefits: Wild blueberry fields serve as important habitats for various wildlife species and contribute to biodiversity.

We employ a combination of traditional and innovative techniques to ensure the quality and sustainability of our wild blueberry crops:

  • Low-Impact Farming: As they grow on their own it´s a low-maintenance crop with a two year crop cycle. So we just prune the fields every other year wih rotary mowers.
  • Crop Rotation: This practice helps maintain soil health and reduces the risk of diseases and pests.
  • Harvesting with Care: Our experienced team hand-harvests the berries to ensure the highest quality and minimal impact on the plants.